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Teri McClay Rounsaville
North UniServ Director
645 CR 110
Water Valley, MS 38965

Serving members
in Desoto County
for 18 years

2018-2019 Meetings

September 5 Southaven Public Library
October 3 Southaven Public Library
November 7 Southaven Public Library
December 5 none
January 9 Southaven Public Library
February 6 Southaven Public Library
March 6 none
April 3 Southaven Public Library
May 8 Southaven Public Library
**All meetings will begin at 4:30.


joyce retire

Outgoing MAE President and former DCAE President, Joyce Helmick
will be retiring in July. Thank you for your many contributions to Mississippi public schools.


rep meeting child nutrition endorsement committee



nto nto

Building Reps
trainer pictures
Renee Lawson, Debbie Moore, Corey Nichols, Robin Avant, Regina Rhea, Jennifer Logan, Paula Howard, Barbara Potts-Szoke



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2018-2020 OFFICERS
Robin Avant

Corey Nichols

Barbara Potts-Szoke

Renee Lawson

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